Trustees wanted03Dear Parents and Carers,

There were two parents/carers who put themselves forward for the 2018 parent trustee vacancy on the school's governing board. The election ended at Friday 8th June 2018 at 9.30am.

The result of the ballot is shown below.


The votes cast in the ballot of parents were as follows



Claudine Crossley


Sophie Boyack 


Accordingly the name of Claudine Crossley will go forward to the Governing Board for appointment.

Parent Trustees

The term of office is four years. If more than one parent/carer puts themselves forward, a secret ballot will be held to decide the outcome. A Parent Trustee must be a parent of a pupil at the school at the time when s/he is elected.

Trustees are broadly the equivalent of governors, but for academies. Trustees are volunteers who play an important role in leading schools. They set the strategic vision and direction, approve the budget and hold the senior leadership team to account.

They are both company directors and charity trustees of the Highams Park Academy Trust. By agreement with the Secretary of State for Education, Highams Park Academy Trust was created in 2011 with the sole responsibility and purpose of running Highams Park School as an Academy for the benefit of the people of Highams Park. Information about the role of Trustees in Academies can be found on the Department for Education website, but should you wish to contact the school to discuss the role please feel free to do so.

At present the Governing Board of the schools consists of six Foundation Trustees, two Parent Trustees (one vacant), two Staff Trustees, one Co-opted Trustee and the Principal.

The Trustees bring a wide range of backgrounds and skills to the school but hope that in the future these will be enhanced by people with, in particular, financial and legal experience who are representative of the school’s multicultural community. You can read more about the Highams Park Academy Trust on the school’s own website.

As a parent trustee you are on the governing board to give a parental perspective to discussions and decisions and may if you wish voice the views/opinions that have been put forward by other parents, but you are under no obligation to do so. You are not there to represent individual parents who may have a particular concern over their own child. The governing board is given its powers and duties as an incorporated body. Individual trustees have no power except where the whole governing board has delegated a specific power to that individual. The governing board of a school carries out their functions with the aim of taking a largely strategic role in the running of the school. More information about the role of trustees in Academies can be found on the Department for Education website.

Their election personal statements can be viewed below

Claudine Crossley

As a parent trustee of Highams Park School whose term of office expires at the end of July, I would like to stand again. I currently have two children at the school with another one joining in September. My daughter will be staying on after the summer and joining the 6th Form and my youngest will be in Year 7 which means I have a vested interest in the full spectrum of the school, from those just starting, to those deciding what their career choices will be once they leave.

I work as a teaching assistant at a local school, helping those with SEN as well as supporting learning activities across the year group.  I am also the chairman of the minis section of Woodford Rugby Club.

I have recently taken on the role of SEN link trustee for Highams Park and would like to use my knowledge in my day-to-day work in the classroom to help ensure inclusion is integral to the school. Over the past four years, I have been a dedicated member of the trustee board, attended meetings regularly and have shown the commitment needed for this role. 

As a trustee of Highams Park School, I feel it is important that the school continues to measure its success not just by its performance through exam results but also in relation to the equally valuable enjoyment and enrichment that the students get from their schooling.

Sophie Boyack

I founded and co-ran children’s charity, Scene & Heard. Based in Somers Town, near Kings Cross Scene & Heard enables children to write their own plays and have them performed by professional actors. The purpose is to provide those children with an experience of success and to mentor them one-on-one with theatre professionals. The charity has received a Queens Award for voluntary service and is currently in its 18th year of successful operation. Prior to that I worked as a freelance performer and director.

I am experienced in running my own business and in working with a board of trustees.  I built my charity from scratch and have experience of fundraising, managing budgets and successfully delivering and evaluating projects on time. I am a strategic thinker and a collaborative and practical worker. I am currently co-company director of a management consultancy. I manage the business for my husband who is a leading world expert in sustainable accounting. I am also a writer of fiction.

I have a son in Year 8 and a younger son who will join the school in two years.

I strongly believe that each child has their own unique form of expression which can be unlocked with a good education. A rounded education is about more than exams and should support children to become fulfilled and happy individuals who make a purposeful contribution to their communities and wider society. I would hope to be able to support the school in its delivery of these objectives.

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