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The French AS/A2 Level course is the perfect way to continue with a language, either as a full A level or as an AS level accompaniment to other subjects. It is the route to language specialism and can also enhance your career prospects.

Whereas at GCSE level, you are asked to talk about personal details, in AS French you use the language as a tool to express complex ideas and points of view about the topics studied on the course.

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Some of the topics covered in year 12 and 13 are:

  • Political and artistic culture in French speaking countries
  • Social change in French speaking countries,
  • Study of a French novel
  • Study of a French film

The emphasis of the course is developing listening and reading skills as well as becoming able to speak and write fluently and with a high level of grammatical accuracy about the topics studied.

On top of these topics, you are encouraged to explore French culture through films, music and literary works.

Required Individual Study

LouvreDuring the course, on top of the time dedicated to homework, you will be expected to learn vocabulary and revise grammar on a weekly basis. Moreover, you should immerse yourself within the language by reading French newspapers, listening to French radio or watch a video or a film in French.


Entrance requirements and skills needed

To be successful students need to show genuine commitment and interest in all aspects of the language and culture of the country.

Before starting AS French, you should have a good grasp of basic tenses and grammar.

Assessments - AQA qualification

The AS and A Level exams are 100% exam based.
The AS Level exam consists of:

A reading, listening and writing exam - 45% of AS grade.

A written exam (an essay on a film or novel and grammar) – 25% of AS grade.

Oral exam (a discussion based on 2 stimulus cards) – 30% of AS grade.

The A Level exam consists of:

A reading, listening and writing exam - 50% of A Level grade.

A written exam (two essays on a novel and a film studied and grammar) – 20 % of A level grade.

Oral exam (a discussion based on a stimulus card and presentation and discussion of individual research project) – 30% of A level grade.


Why Study French?

Eiffel01Studying modern languages will give you excellent and varied career opportunities and life-long skills. Language skills are in short supply and can be used in almost any job. Studying a language clearly makes you an effective communicator, both orally and in writing.

French AS and A2 combine well with essay based subjects like English, history and Philosophy but it is also an ideal subject to balance out a mathematics or science course.

With an A-Level in French you can do a degree in Modern Languages with another language or a mixed degree involving French e.g. Law and French, Biology and French. A-Level qualifications in Languages are well regarded by employers and universities even if you are not going to study a language further.

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