CurriculumOrg_05At Highams Park School, students broadly follow the National Curriculum in Key Stage 3 (years 7, 8 & 9) and in Key Stage 4 (years 10 & 11).  The National Curriculum fills almost all of pupils’ time in Key Stage 3 and most of their time in Key Stage 4.

We endeavour to retain a broad and balanced curriculum whose primary objective is to equip all students for further study and employment, this will be done with careful consideration and reference to the government’s policy and reforms.

There are 25 taught one lessons in the normal timetabled week. Some children in Key Stage 4 have an extra taught lesson to accommodate their curriculum.

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In years 7 to 9 students follow a general balanced curriculum including the following areas of study: English, performing arts (music, drama & dance), art & design, mathematics, a modern foreign language, design and technology (construction materials, food and textiles), science, information and communications technology, history, geography, religious education, physical education/games and citizenship.

In years 10 and 11 there is considerable emphasis still on a common balanced curriculum with some subject choices.  All students follow courses in English, mathematics, science, physical education/games, religious education,  and citizenship which includes personal, social and health education and careers.  In addition, courses will be available in geography, history, sociology, French, design and technology, drama, dance, business studies, P.E. studies, computer science,  ICT, music and art.  Detailed discussions take place between parents, children and teachers to ensure that an appropriate programme of study is prepared for each pupil. 

tie_burnellStudents, on entry to the school, are admitted to mixed ability tutor groups, usually on the basis of friendship groups. All children are placed in one of the four houses, Burnell, Forest, Gibson and Payling. Each group has a tutor, and under normal conditions to ensure continuity, this group will remain with the teacher for their period in the school.  The work of the tutors is co-ordinated by the Heads of Year.  The Co-ordinator of Special Needs is also fully involved in the pastoral system. 

The mixed ability tutor group is the basic unit for the teaching of the parts of the curriculum where it is appropriate although in the following subjects; mathematics, science, modern languages and humanities students are taught in classes grouped by ability.  This system is constantly reviewed and parents are kept fully informed of any proposed changes.  

The school has a clearly defined homework policy and a booklet explaining the details is given to parents at the Year 7 Induction Evening.  Homework is set each week for every subject and students are required to write this in the Homework Planner provided by the school.  More detailed arrangements, which apply to students in years 10 and 11 regarding coursework requirements, are set out in a further booklet, which is issued at the end of year 9. 

wp09There is also a broad range of extra-curricular activities that children are offered throughout the school year including our annual Activities and Enrichment week.

Sex education is taught as part of the science and health education programmes; however, moral and social issues are dealt with as part of the personal and social education element of the citizenship lessons.  Further details of the school's policy on sex education are available from the School Office.

Highams Park is a non-denominational school, without a particular religious affiliation. 

A broadly based Religious and Moral Education Programme is taught.  However, this does not prejudice parents' rights under Section 25 of the Education Act 1944 in relation to students' attendance at religious worship or instruction.

Please note as part of our normal monitoring, evaluation and review processes this curriculum may change in coming years. Furthermore changes may be brought about by new legislation or government regulations.

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