Like most schools we have a home-school agreement.  You are invited to read it thoroughly as parents/carers of pupils who gain a place in Highams Park School will be expected to sign a parental declaration to indicate that they understand and accept the contents of the agreement.

The aim of the agreement is to make clear to

  • Pupils
  • Parents / Carers
  • Staff
  • Governors

that they have an equally important part to play in helping each individual pupil make the best use of the opportunities available at Highams Park. We believe that our success is built upon an open and supportive partnership between our pupils, parents, staff and governors. We aim to face the challenge of the 21st century by providing all our students with a broad, relevant and challenging curriculum which will equip them for employment and further education.


Each pupil has a responsibility to work hard and make a positive contribution to the school. All pupils are expected to:-

  • respect other pupils, staff, visitors and themselves and be aware that racism, intolerance and bullying are unacceptable at Highams Park;
  • wear the required uniform
  • complete homework and coursework on time to the best of their ability
  • respect Health & Safety regulations
  • attend school regularly and punctually, adequately prepared for the school day
  • behave in a self disciplined manner at all times and obey the school rules.

Pupils can expect from the school:-

  • to have homework set and work marked on a regular basis according to the school`s homework policy
  • to have frequent feedback on their progress
  • to have their behaviour monitored and appropriate disciplinary action taken when it falls short of the required standard
  • to have their parents informed of progress on a regular basis
  • not to be bullied
  • to have a safe and caring environment to work in
  • to have advice, care and support when needed from all staff


Each parent has an important responsibility to work closely with their children and staff and support their school achievements. We ask parents :-

  • to ensure your child attends regularly and punctually as required by law
  • to keep the school informed of anything which parents believe might affect their child`s progress in school especially absence, illness, change of family situation.
  • not to take holidays in school time
  • to provide a quiet place at home to encourage completion of homework
  • to take an interest in your child`s school work and look at their exercise books regularly
  • to read and sign student`s planner weekly, check comments and make contact with staff where appropriate
  • to attend Parents` Evenings to meet your child`s teachers
  • to support the uniform code
  • to support the school rules and discipline code and reinforce punishments taken by the school in terms of misbehaviour
  • to ensure your child gets adequate sleep before a school day
  • to send your child to school, prepared for the school day with all books and equipment

The School will ensure:-

  • that parents are informed regularly of academic progress
  • that parents will be informed of any aspects of behaviour that required action by staff


Our staff will support and promote the school`s aims and endeavour to promote the success of each student. Staff will:-

  • care for pupils in their tutor and teaching groups
  • ensure equality for all
  • report progress, achievements and concerns to parents
  • meet parents to ensure the best possible education and welfare
  • challenge pupils to achieve higher standards academically and to develop greater involvement in extra curricular activities within school and the wider community
  • ensure that there is a fair and consistent approach towards dealing with indiscipline
  • support school policy on uniform and behaviour

Trustees of the Highams Park Academy Trust (Governing Board)

Our Trustees will carry out their legal responsibilities to the school and ensure:

  • that school policies provide care for every pupil
  • that funding received by the school will be used to provide the curriculum and support services for the pupils and students in the school.
  • that they will meet regularly to carry out their function
  • that they will visit the school regularly

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rucksackCould parents please ensure that their children use a suitable bag for school to carry their books, equipment and PE kit. Please see the section called Materials to be provided by the pupil on the School Rules page and the Uniform Reminders page.

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