What is Peer Mentoring?


This scheme is aimed at training our pupils to help their younger peers.

This is an extremely valuable scheme as young people find it much easier to talk to someone of a similar age about any issues they may be facing.

For the past thirteen years we have been running the Peer Mentoring Scheme here at Highams Park.


Who are they?

  • The Peer Mentoring Scheme is advertised to year 9 pupils in the spring term.
  • Pupils interested in training in this supportive role are encouraged to make an application, just as they would for a job.
  • Successful applicants are offered an interview, (these are carried out by the experienced Peer Mentors)
  • Following a successful interview applicants are invited to join a two day training programme which takes place during our activities week. Take a look at some of the pictures below of the peer mentoring training.

The two day training Programme consists of 6 modules

  1. What is mentoring – Where pupils are encouraged to explore the variety of mentoring situations there are, in every day situations and to explore those who support and guide them.
  2. Differences, values and attitudes – Pupils take part in activities which reflect that everyone is different and teaches them how to be non-judgemental.
  3. Communication – Pupils are encouraged to take part in activities which highlight the importance of effective communication.
  4. How can we help? What problems do young people face? – This module helps the pupils to identify the difficulties that young people face particularly when transferring to a new school.
  5. Ground Rules and safeguarding – The most important of all modules, in this module pupils are taught about the importance of safeguarding both themselves and their peers.
  6. Starting the Peer Relationship – Teaches the pupils some ideas about starting a supportive relationship and provides them with some tools to assist.

How does it happen?

  • Once the newly trained Peer Mentors come back to school into year 10 they will be allocated a mentee (usually a new pupil arriving in year 7, these pupils are identified by their Primary schools as those who would benefit from Peer Support)
  • Each week the Peer Mentors attend a supervision meeting where they meet with their coordinator to discuss any identified problems, and to record the number of meetings that they have had during the previous week.

Evaluation of the work that is carried out each term in our school by the trained Peer Mentors

  • The number of meetings that have taken place since the start of this academic year 2015-2016 is outstanding, in the first term September to December there were a fantastic 527 meetings in total between The Peer Mentors and their younger Mentees.
  • In the last term, January to the end of March there were also a fantastic 180 meetings recorded.
  • This is a huge amount of support that takes place during the day in our school, but rest assured peer mentors are not missing lessons for the meetings. These meetings take place during AM registration, Break times and lunchtimes.
  • The support that these young people provide to their younger peers is amazing and there have been so many positive outcomes not just for the younger pupils who are supported but also for the older pupils who are providing the support.
  • The younger pupils are happier and more confident in their transition to secondary school life, and the older pupils continue on into professions such as nursing, social work, police, counselling and teaching.

How are they recognisable?

PeerMentorIf you see a Highams Park Pupil wearing a Peer Mentor badge please be sure to congratulate them on all of their hard work.

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