Regular communication with parents is an important feature of Highams Park. Initial meetings are held with parents before a child enters the school, and all parents are encouraged to share concerns as they arise, with their child’s tutor in the first instance, or with the appropriate Head of Year. As necessary, staff of the school will also contact parents by letter, telephone or via the pupil planner. 


Information about events at school is communicated via this website. This is the major way that general school information reaches parents.


planner2014_06_ks3Communication with parents is primarily through the tutor and Head of Year. Subject teachers will, however, also contact parents by telephone, letter or comment in the pupil homework planner should the need arise. The pupil planner is a very important link between pupils, the school and parents.  Parents should check the child’s planners carefully on a daily basis and support their son/daughter with their homework/projects.  Parents can communicate with form tutors through the pupil planner when necessary.   




byappointmentEach year group has a ‘Parents’ Evening’ when parents can meet subject staff and tutors by appointment to discuss general progress. In addition to this, parent/carers are invited to attend a meeting with their son/daughter on the academic review day.  During this meeting, parents have a chance to review the progress of their son/daughter and set targets for their improvement with their form tutor.  Parents will play an important role in ensuring targets are achieved. Alongside this, parents will receive three printed reports a year, approximately one a term that will contain information on a pupil’s progress in the form of number and letter grades. 

Parents are actively encouraged to make appointments to discuss any aspect of their child's schooling should a concern arise. Whilst we welcome parents contacting teachers it is important that parents make an appointment to see a teacher and do not just turn up at school unannounced without an appointment expecting to see a teacher.

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hoodiesmall_edited-5.jpgCardigans, Hoodies and Light Grey jumpers are not part of the school uniform and are not allowed under any circumstances. The correct uniform is a clerical (mid grey) v-neck jumper not a light grey one. See the School Uniform and the Uniform Reminders pages in the Parents section

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