Outdoor_Coat01Following a request from the school council it has been decided to alter the school uniform rules on the wearing of outdoor coats during the school day. 

From Thursday 21st January 2016 outdoor coats may be worn during the school day as long as the following rules are adhered to:



  1. Coats must be black or navy and worn over your blazer.

  2. Blazers must be worn at all times - coats are not a replacement for a blazer.

  3. Coats must not be worn during lessons.

  4. Pupils/students must not wear hoods in school on any account, even if they are attached to coats.

  5. Hoodies are not coats and are not permitted in school.

  6. Valuables should not be kept in your coat.

  7. No big logos to be on display.

  8. Inappropriate coats or hoodies will be confiscated.

To make the new system run as smoothly as possible the following would help:

  • Label coats, so that if it is misplaced it can be returned to you.
  • The cloak room is still available for coats to be stored, but will not be opened during the day.
  • Where possible remove your coat as soon as you are inside the building
  • When not being worn, carry your coat in a bag

Thanks go to the school council who have helped to devise these rules.

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rucksackCould parents please ensure that their children use a suitable bag for school to carry their books, equipment and PE kit. Please see the section called Materials to be provided by the pupil on the School Rules page and the Uniform Reminders page.

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