Warning_to_CandidatesThese are the regulations of the Joint Council for Qualifications, the body that regulates public examinations



Warning to Candidates

For written examinations.

  • You must be on time for all your examinations.
  • You must not become involved in any unfair or dishonest practice in any part of the examination.
  • You must not sit an examination in the name of another candidate;
  • You must not have in your possession any unauthorised material or equipment which might give you an unfair advantage.
  • Possession of a mobile phone or other unauthorised material is breaking the rules, even if you do not intend to use it, and you will be subject to penalty and possible disqualification.
  • You must not take into the exam room any notes or potential technological/web enabled sources of information such as an iPod, a mobile phone, a MP3/4 player, a smartwatch or a wrist watch which has a data storage device.
  • You must not talk to, attempt to communicate with or disturb other candidates once you have entered the examination room.
  • Any pencil cases taken into the exam room must be see-through.
  • Do not use correcting pens, fluid or tape, erasable pens, highlighters or gel pens in your answers.
  • You must not write inappropriate, obscene or offensive material.
  • If you leave the exam room unaccompanied by an invigilator before the exam has finished, you will not be allowed to return.
  • You must follow the instructions of the invigilator. If you are in any doubt speak to the invigilator.








The Warning to Candidates must be displayed in a prominent place outside each examination room. This may be a hard copy A3 paper version or an image of the poster projected onto a wall or screen for all candidates to see.

Effective from 1 September 2014


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 These are the current Highams Park School procedures regarding reviews of internally assessed work.


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