Course Outline

The Mathematics A Level course is suitable for students who wish to develop their interest in the study of pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics. The aim of the course is to enable you to study mathematical theories, concepts, modelling and develop your skills of analysis, interpretation, evaluation and application to modelling and problem solving. 

Maths ALev 02

Pure Mathematics - Includes learning about number and algebra, graphs, geometry, differentiation and integration. 

Applied Mathematics – This unit includes both the applied modules of statistics: different methods of analysing data and mechanics: applying forces, motions and tension of particles and objects.

Entrance requirements and skills needed

Students need to be genuinely interested in mathematics and have mastered the knowledge, understanding and skills required at GCSE mathematics higher level, particularly in algebra, surds, fractions and indices. Also be able to apply these skills to problem solving.

Assessments - Edexcel Qualification

Mathematics: 100% exam based

Maths AS level Edexcel 01

The AS exam consists of two papers at the end of the ONE-year course.

Paper 1: Pure Mathematics: 67% of your grade.

Paper 2: Applied Mathematics: 33% of your grade.

Maths A level Edexcel 01

The A Level exam consists of three papers at the end of the TWO-year course.

Paper 1 & 2: Pure Mathematics 1 & 2: each paper worth 33% of your grade.

Paper 3: Applied Mathematics: 33% of your grade.

Further Mathematics: 100% exam based

Maths Further AS level Edexcel 01

The AS Further Mathematics consists of two papers at the end of the ONE-year course:

Paper 1: Further Pure Mathematics 1: 50% of your grade.

Paper 2: Further Mathematics Option: 50% of your grade.

Maths Further A level Edexcel 01

A Level Further Mathematics consists of four papers at the end of the TWO-year course:

Paper 1 & 2: Further Pure Mathematics 1 & 2: each paper is worth 25% of your grade.

Paper 3 & 4: Further Mathematics Option (to be decided): each paper is worth 25% of your grade.


Why Study Maths?

Maths ALevMathematics is one of the most fundamental and general subjects that you can study. Although it may sometimes be difficult to see immediately the relevance of maths to a future career, and perhaps to subjects you intend to study later, maths in fact gives you a grounding for any subject and is itself a prerequisite for many others.


For a degree in Maths, Statistics, Physics, Engineering or Actuarial Science, for example, you will almost certainly have to have a good Maths A Level and possibly a Further Maths A Level. 

If you are thinking of looking for a job straight after A Levels, Maths is a great core subject. The ability to understand and manipulate numbers and mathematical concepts is extremely useful for almost any job. In particular, it is vital for careers involving Finance, Statistics, Engineering, Computers, Teaching, Medicine and Accountancy. A report from the Times Educational Supplement stated that ‘Young people with A Level Maths earn 10% more than their mathematically challenged counterparts.’ 

Mathematics is not an easy option at A level but it is a valuable, worthwhile and interesting qualification that opens many doors for further studies or career choices.

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