Our aim at Highams Park 6th Form is to help students succeed not only in academia but also in developing competencies such as leadership and team work. These skills are essential for entering Higher Education or employment and therefore we encourage students to get involved in opportunities outside of the classroom as much as their study commitments will allow.

Student Leadership Team

Students stairs02The Student Leadership team Is made up of students in Year 13 who wish to make the 6th Form the best place it can be and ensure Student Voice is heard. This not only gives students the opportunities in leadership and working at a team but also in an application and assessment process. The Student Leadership Team meet at least every half term to discuss ideas and issues in the 6th form and are responsible for organising social events and making links with the wider community (such as the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party and 6th Form Prom). However, initially they have to write letters outlining why they want to join the team and what they can offer. Applicants then have to complete a group activity and if successful are then interviewed by the Principal.

Community Involvement/Volunteering

Highams Park School prides itself on being a community and the 6th Form is key in this. 6th Form students volunteer at school events such as Open Evenings and offer to be part of the Peer Mentoring programme and Paired Reading programme to younger students in addition to raising awareness of many issues that affect our surrounding community. For example, last year a number of 6th Formers volunteered to take part in Dementia Friends Training to raise awareness throughout the school of how you can help those with dementia and other students currently run lunchtime clubs such as Feminism Club and Japanese Club to broaden others horizons and create a community outside of subject areas and tutor groups.


wiz19 copy6th Formers bring experience and maturity to school productions however you do not have to be studying Drama & Theatre studies to be involved in the school productions. We have 6th Formers backstage, helping creating scenery in addition to creating those powerful tunes.




h1040054Students entering the 6th Form have opportunity to experience the world through a variety of free overseas opportunities. For example, two students each year are selected via application to go to Poland on the Lessons to Auschwitz Programme where you meet Holocaust Survivors. Students are prepared for the visit and then take part in workshops to decide how you will educate others. This not only develops student’s humility, empathy and respect but also leadership and teamwork skills whilst seeing a key part of our world's history. Additionally, students for the past two years have taken part in the Sutton Trust US Programme where students get an opportunity to spend a week in the US at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University or Harvard and support to make informed choices about applying to an American University.


ComputersThroughout the lower school and 6th Form we use Firefly which is a site that allows access to learning resources 24/7 from anywhere with web access.

6th Formers who have an interest in ICT can apply to be a Digital Leader and then work as a team to add interesting resources and improve the platform to make it the best possible resource for other students.







ORBYTS Project

Enrichment03ORBYTS (Original Research By Young Twinkle Students) pairs young PhD and post-doc scientists with groups of secondary school students. Together they perform original research associated with the Twinkle Space Mission, and work towards publication in a peer-reviewed journal. After the success of the programme last year, Highams Park students will continue to work on quantum molecular astrophysics, with each group of students becoming responsible for one molecule of astronomical interest in the hunt for exoplanets.


Highams Park has a good reputation from its 6th Form football team who were 2016 winners in the Borough Finals however we encourage all students to do physical exercise for its proven benefit to wellbeing, health and focus.


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