6ththinkplanact_edited-1On this Frequently Asked Questions page you will find many of the questions you may want answers to. They will tell you a great deal about the 6th form at Highams Park. We think it will be worth your while reading this page and the others pages about the 6th form on our website.

Why come to Highams Park 6th Form?

  • Excellent exam results year on year.astudent_2015_23
  • Students who want success will get it here.
  • Good teachers who are highly experienced, well qualified and have a proven track record of success.
  • Wide range of academic and vocational courses.CoursesOfferedPencils2
  • There are over 15,000 combinations of the courses we offer.
  • Teachers and other adults are committed to helping you succeed In the 6th Form, you will find a closer, more rewarding, relationship with your teachers.


  • astudent_2015_18You will benefit from many experiences and opportunities open to you as one of the school's most senior students.
  • You will be studying subjects you have chosen and enjoy.
  • For students already at Highams Park, there is a familiar working environment which provides continuity, which is important to students.
  • For those new to Highams Park, welcome, we're sure you'll soon fit in.UniStudents blue2
  • Help and support to gain a University place. Look at our Universities Requirements page to see what A-levels are needed for various university courses
  • oxbridge2Successful special Oxbridge and Medics programme for those aiming for a place at elite Universities like Oxford and Cambridge or Medical school.

Are 6th form courses  (Level 3 qualifications like A-level and Btec Nationals) harder than GCSE (Level 2 qualifications) ?

  • astudent_2015_05Yes, a lot! You will need to work hard and be prepared to spend hours of study at home as well as in 6th Form if you are to succeed.
  • But then you will be in smaller teaching groups, studying courses of your own choice with other similarly well motivated students.
  • The challenge that advanced study represents makes them so well respected and worth having.
  • If you can achieve a range of GCSE’s at grade C or better and wish to continue your education, then Level 3 Advanced level courses like A-levels or Btec Nationals may well be for you.

How can I check that the combination of  courses I want to do will be possible?

Are there any GCSE retakes?

  • Yes, but only in English and Mathematics. You have to take English and maths GCSEs if you haven't already got at least a C grade in each. There is a special course for those that need to improve their GCSEs grades so that they can progress to level 3 courses.

Can I change my subjects once I've started or leave at any time?

  • Yes! But you would have to discuss this with your personal tutor and/or Head of 6th Form, just as you would any other academic related matter.

Do 6th students have lots of free periods?

  • astudent_2015_03Not these days. Students do have a few periods where they are not timetabled to be in a lesson or in a supervised study period in our study centre. But these are not really free time. Any time not in lessons or supervised study should be spent on private study. That is the secret of success. Less work done in study periods means more work to be done elsewhere, usually at home.

How much studying will I have to do outside of lessons?

  • astudent_2015_12On average a student taking Advanced level courses will need to spend at least fifteen hours per week studying either in supervised study periods, private study periods or at home over and above time spent in lessons.

Are 6th students treated differently from pupils lower down the school?

  • astudent_2015_22Yes! You will find staff more approachable once you reach the 6th form. Lessons will also be less formal but more intense since the groups are smaller and all the students want to be there.
  • You will be treated as a young adult with the responsibility being an adult brings.


Do 6th students have to register each day?

  • absent"If you're not in class, you wont pass" is a saying that is very true
  • Registers are taken in every lesson and supervised study periods.
  • Regular and full attendance is essential if you are going to suceed.
  • Attendance is closely monitored and you will be challenged if you fail to attend properly.
  • If you need to be absent from school, you must contact the 6th form secretary.

What other activities are open to 6th students?

  • astudent_2015_08There are many opportunities open to you. You might be involved with support teaching with younger children, maybe with the PE, English, Mathematics or Languages Departments.
  • You might organise a sports team, referee matches, run a club or society.
  • astudent_2015_21You might take part in the school productions (for which we have s a considerable reputation) or help with the technical side of the theatre.
  • You might play in one of the school bands.
  • 6th form students organise a Christmas party for the Senior Citizens.
  • Get involved and make things happen!


NigelArmsby02Need more advice or help?

  • Explore all of the 6th form pages on the website
  • Ask any of the 6th form team - Mr Armsby, Mrs Whitehead, Ms Masters, Ms Colquhoun, Mr Kallender
  • Contact the 6th form secretary, Jenny Browne

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