COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE [Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations 2010 (as amended) ("the Regulations")

Summary of the Governing Board's procedure for dealing with complaints is as follows.   

Most concerns /complaints relating to a child's education in the school are born of misunderstandings and are usually resolved informally by contacting the member of staff directly involved. This route should be used first and normally results in a satisfactory conclusion.

If you have a concern / complaint about your child's education there are a number of people in school you should talk to in the first instance in order to resolve the issue. Concerns / complaints are usually satisfactorily dealt with at this stage and there is no need for a more formal complaint to the Principal or further action.  

A parent/carer should  make contact in the first instance with one or more of the following, as appropriate, to explain and discuss a complaint;

  • the child's tutor
  • the child's head of year
  • the class/subject teacher
  • the head of the subject department

You can find email adresses of key staff from the Contact Teachers page

However, if this informal contact with the staff most directly involved does not result in satisfactory resolution to the complaint, or, the parent / carer is dissatisfied with how their complaint was dealt with, then they are welcome to escalate the complaint to the Principal.

Parents / carers who wish to complain to the Principal should complete the complaint form (see below) and submit it to the school. The Principal will then look into the matter and make further efforts to resolve the problem with the parent/carer.

If the Principal fails to resolve the problem to the satisfaction of the parent, then the parent is invited to put the complaint forward to the chair of the governing board. Details of how to do this will be provided to any dissatisfied parents/carers AFTER they have concluded discussions with the Principal.

The full Complaints Policy and the Complaint Form can be found below or in the Parents section of our Downloads page.


Complaint form


Complaints Policy


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