Course Outline

The History A Level course is suitable for students who wish to develop their skills of analysis and interpretation. The aim of the course is to study a range of topics and concepts, that have shaped our world. You will develop analytical and research skills, prized highly by universities and industry. The skills and knowledge you will develop complement a range of other subjects.


  • Unit 1 – ‘Britain Transformed 1918-97’ – including popular culture & entertainment
  • Unit 2 – ‘The USA 1955-92 Conformity and Challenge’ – including the Vietnam War
  • Unit 3 – ‘The Witch Craze in Britain, Europe and North America 1580-1750’
  • Unit 4 – A coursework unit looking at a major historical controversy on Germany 1933-45

Hist Prospectus2018 01Entrance requirements and skills needed

An interest in History and the willingness to read around the subject is essential. Good written communication skills and the ability to read fluently with good understanding are also required. You need to have a keen and enquiring mind to evaluate conflicting opinions and formulate coherent arguments. 

Students will develop the ability to provide complex explanations to key events and to critique the evidence they are interrogating. We encourage debate and require students to be able to speak clearly and with confidence.

Assessments - Edexcel qualification

 Hist A level 01

This Edexcel course is comprised of 3 exam papers and 1 piece of coursework. Paper 1 looks at change in Britain 1918-97 with a special interpretation focus on the impact of Margaret Thatcher’s governments and is worth 30% of the overall A-level grade. Paper 2 is worth 20% of the A-level grade and considers the idea of conformity and challenge in the USA 1955-92, complementing Paper 1 particularly well. Paper 3 looks at the unique period in European and North American history when thousands of women were accused of and persecuted for the crime of witchcraft. This paper is worth 30% of the overall grade. All three papers require students to write structured and well supported essays and involve an element of source and/ or interpretations analysis. The coursework, which is worth 20% of the A-level grade, involves the undertaking of individual research and interpretation on a matter of historical controversy which culminates in a 4,000 word essay.


Why study History?

  • To make sense of the world today and to understand people and their situations
  • To develop important intellectual skills, for example to develop thinking, common learning and organising skills which can help other subjects. This will help  you make decisions about your future and exploring historical questions
  • It is a ‘facilitating subject’ – highly valued by universities. History students go on to become: Lawyers, Journalists, Writers, Managers, Teachers, Publishers, Leaders and Politicians. Employers respect and value the knowledge and skills developed in studying History.

For more information contact the Head of Department – Mr J Cohen

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