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The AQA Technical in Networking & Technical Support is an Advanced level, known as a Level 3 qualification. It is designed to provide a specialist work-related qualification. It gives learners the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to prepare them for employment.

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An AQA Level 3 qualification in Technical Support is equivalent to one A-Level and is accepted for future studies in further education at university (up to 140 UCAS tariff points). The AQA IT Networking qualification is equivalent to 2 A levels (up to 280 UCAS Tariff points). More information including a guide for parents and learners can be found on the AQA exam board’s website.

Students are given the opportunity to learn advanced features of Spreadsheets, Web design and Databases. The course is presented with a practical bias, although there is a significant theory element, covering aspects such as how IT is used, the importance and value of information, the impact that IT has had on society and the legislation relating to IT.

The project work requires a high level of skill in problem solving and the ability to accurately analyse situations. You will be  designing and implementing a small-scale system for real end-users. Working independently, you will find your own end-user, discuss their requirements, identify problems with the current system, and design a new system to the specified requirements.

Assessments  - AQA Qualification

Each unit is equally weighted whether it is exam or coursework based.

IT Level3 specification Course Equivalence Number of Units Number of Exams
AQA Technical Support 1 A level 4 2 Exams & 2 coursework units
AQA IT Networking & Cisco Networking 2 A levels 8 3 Exams & 5 coursework units


Why Study ICT

Information Technology is used in areas as diverse as manufacturing, education and medicine and IT skills are valued in virtually all areas of business and society. IT familiarises you with using computers for a purpose, which is a skill, which is becoming more and more useful in a world with more and more technology.

Information Technology is offered by universities either as a subject in its own right or in combination with a wide range of subjects, e.g. IT & Psychology; IT & Business; IT & Multimedia. The advanced skills you will develop will also be valuable in gaining many types of employment.

Students said about the course:

"There are a range of things we do in ICT, from designing websites to creating databases for businesses. Its a hands on and very technical subject, which you will really enjoy...." 

Ayo-Year 13 student   

"The support we gained from the teachers was very helpful in many ways, allowing us to keep track with the necessary deadlines. The subject is very enjoyable even though hard work and effort is essential. I strongly recommend this subject as it does teach students to become more independent, which will be useful for life after school..." 

Michael - Year 13 student

"I believe that studying ICT will give me a solid basis for life after school and utilising the skills I have learnt in ICT will prepare me for work in the graphics industry..."  

Harry - Year 12 student

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