Course outline

Core Maths is designed for students that don't want to do A-level mathematics but want to carry on studying mathematics beyond GCSE in a more contextual manner than the traditional mathematics A Level.

Core Maths is a Level 3 course (A-level standard) that builds upon the work that was covered in GCSE and it offers an equivalent number of UCAS points as an AS level qualification. It will be taught over the course of one year and must be taken as a fourth subject, alongside 3 other subjects, or the equivalent of 3 other subjects (for example a Double award BTEC and one A Level)

All the mathematics studied is applied to real-life scenarios across a diverse range of topics and will support the mathematical skills you need for your other subjects.  

It will provide you with the key mathematical and problem-solving skills that are highly valued by employers and further education institutes. You will learn about;

  • Statistics: You will learn how to represent and interpret data. You'll also learn how to use calculators and spreadsheet software to work with large data sets. This has applications in biology, sociology, and geography.
  • Probability: You will learn how to calculate and interpret the chances of different events happening. This has applications in psychology, geology and economics.
  • Linear Programming: You will learn how to achieve the best outcome for a problem given conditions. This has wide applications in business studies, where linear programming is used to solve many business decisions.
  • Sequences and Growth: You will learn how to understand growth and make predictions about future events, for example in populations or financial accounts. This has applications in finance, geography, and the sciences

Entrance requirements

A real interest in Maths plus at least a Grade 5 in Mathematics GCSE

Assessments - Pearson / Edexcel qualification

Core Maths Level 3 01

The Course is entirely assessed through two 100-minute examinations:

  • Paper 1 - Comprehension: involves answering questions on two real-life scenarios from a data set that will be available and studied before the exam.
  • Paper 2 - Applications: is a more traditional exam paper where you can demonstrate the mathematical and problem-solving skills you have developed.


Why study Core Maths?

The qualification equips learners to apply for university, employment or higher apprenticeships or professional training in a wide range of sectors, and offers a fresh experience with adult, context-based problem-solving tasks. 

You will have demonstrated the mathematical understanding and problem-solving skills required for a broad range of subjects available to study at university, including: accountancy, biology, business studies, economics, geology, geography, IT, management, psychology and sports science.

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