Bringing high quality Italian coffee to school at reasonable prices, 6th form students and other adults can pick up a genuine Italian coffee and other hot drink at any time throughout the school day from our Lavazza Coffee outlet, located in the dining room.






Established in 1895, the Turin-based company has been owned by the Lavazza family for four generations.

Lavazza is one of the most important roasters in the world, a leader in Italy with a 48% share of the retail market in value.

Via San Tommaso 10: the first Lavazza grocery shop was established in the heart of Turin in 1895.

The passion for coffee, successful ideas and an innovative spirit — the Lavazza company’s driving forces — found their first “home” here. It was here that the founder, Luigi Lavazza, began to make his first blends.

In 1995, to celebrate 100 years in business, the shop was reopened as San Tommaso 10, a coffee corner and sophisticated Lavazza restaurant, a temple of taste that starts from the excellence of coffee and goes very, very far.

For many years a laboratory of research, discovery and quality, at the Lavazza bar you can now discover the exclusive coffee-based recipes created by the Training Center with Ferran Adrià.

According to Lavazza, quality is not “controlled”, but “built”. It is an active process repeated every day that involves everybody and is an intrinsic part of every phase of production. Quite simply, it is the only way of working that we know.



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