l_punishehment1949A list of school rules is supplied to each parent on the admission of their son/daughter, however they are not how they used to be in bygone days! (see left)  They can also be seen below.

These rules are concerned with reinforcing general patterns of sensible and considerate behaviour.

It is the aim of the school to provide a safe environment appropriate for learning.

Control over those who lack discipline is exercised by a variety of punishments, including impositions, extra work and formal detentions. For serious cases of indiscipline pupils may be excluded from the school in accordance with the Governors' Policy.


School Rules


It is the aim of the school to provide a safe environment appropriate for learning. 

Pupils are forbidden to smoke on the premises, or to and from school.  No pupils should therefore have cigarettes, lighters or matches in their possession. 

Pupils are not permitted to bring anything that could be used as a weapon to school. For example knives, catapults, fireworks or any kind of pellet firing guns/toy guns. 

Pupils are forbidden to bring radios and personal stereos to school.

All pupils are expected to treat all school property with respect. School uniform should not be modified in any way. Badges (other than official school badges), adornments, graffiti, or other modifications to the school blazer or other uniform items are not permitted.

School Uniform

boygirlsmallIt is part of the discipline structure of the school that all pupils in years 7 to 11 wear full school uniform correctly on the way to school, throughout the day and on the journey home. There are other pages on this website that deal with school uniform matters in more detail.

Following a request from the school council it has been decided to alter the school uniform rules on the wearing of outdoor coats during the school day.


Punctual01Pupils must be at school five minutes before the time for registration, i.e. arrive at school by 8.30 am. 

It is the duty of pupils to be prompt to registration and failure to be properly registered can mean a late mark or an absence mark.  Pupils who are late to school will normally complete a detention at lunchtime on the day they are late. Detentions may be set at other times.

All pupils arriving after 8.35 am  must report to the Attendance Secretary to sign in and collect a late slip.   No pupil will be accepted into a lesson without a late slip.  Failure to collect a late slip will result in an absence mark.  Pupils who arrive late on assembly days should stand at the back of the assembly hall and remain there until seen by their Head of Year.

Absence from School

absentPlease see the Attendance page for more information

To report your child/ren's absence through illness call 020 8501 9403

You can only allow your child to miss school if either:

  • they are too ill to go into school
  • you've got advance permission from the school

Materials to be provided by the pupil

rucksack.jpgAll pupils should carry a suitable bag (any style but preferably with two shoulder straps like a rucksack, NOT a handbag) for books and P.E. equipment. 

The bag should include essential equipment:

  • pen (blue or black), pencil (B or 2B for Art), ruler, rubber, sharpener, compass, protractor, calculator, pack of colouring pencils and dictionary. These items are available to purchasefrom the school finance office throughout the school year.
  • a reading book of general interest. 
  • The school will provide a pupil homework planner.

Classwork and homework

homework1.jpgWritten work in class must always be neat and of the highest standard.  Pupils are expected to spend an adequate amount of time on homework during the evenings Monday to Friday.  The amount of homework varies with the age of the pupils and the particular courses they are studying.  Full details and guidance are contained in the homework policy that can be found on this website.  Great importance is attached to the supervision of homework by parents.  A homework timetable will be provided for all pupils in years 7 to 11.

School Books

books_school.gifPupils undertake to treat with respect school equipment, textbooks and exercise books with which they are issued.  They also undertake to return all books at the end of the school year, or as requested by subject teachers.  Lost or damaged books and equipment must be replaced or paid for at current prices.

Breaktime / Lunchtime Arrangements / Packed Lunches

girlseating_edited-2Pupils (except some 6th form students) may not leave the school premises at break or lunchtime.  School meals are organised on a cafeteria basis. 

Pupils may choose from a wide variety of items, including a set meal, according to their choice.  Prices are clearly displayed.  Arrangements are made for pupils who receive free meals. See our Food in school page.

Pupils can of course bring a packed lunch to school.  Packed lunches must be eaten in the allocated areas only, not whilst pupils are walking around the school.

Chewing Gum / Snacks and Sweets

chewing_gum_1.jpgSnacks may be purchased and eaten in the school canteen at break.  No food including sweets and crisps must be eaten in lessons.  All litter must be put in the bins provided. 

Chewing gum must not be brought to school.


Jewellery and valuables including mobile phones

Earrings01Pupils may not wear jewellery to school i.e. rings, neck chains, bracelets or any form of body piercing.  The only exceptions to this rule are a wristwatch and ear studs, which must be small plain metal sleeper studs with no more than 2 studs per ear (diamante and half hoop studs are not allowed). 

Valuables must not be brought to school, e.g. personal stereos, i-pods, cameras, expensive handbags, etc.  Mobile phones must be switched off and not used in school.  This includes being used as a camera or as a music player therefore ear phones are not to be used in school. If pupils have these they should be kept out of sight at all times.  This applies whilst on the premises including breaktime and lunchtime. 

Pupils disregarding these rules may have their jewellery/phone/property confiscated and parents will be required to collect the items themselves from the school office between 8.30am and 4.30pm. 

apple-iphone.jpgThe school does not accept responsibility for pupils' personal possessions including money, watches, jewellery, stereos, mobile phones, etc., if lost or stolen from anywhere on the school premises.

In the case of mobile phones or other items, confiscated because they are on the school premises or being used on the school premises in breach of school rules, the school expressly excludes its liability for loss or theft or damage including loss, theft or damage caused by negligence of school staff. This is because the school will have been required to take possession of the item(s) only to uphold (enforce) school rules and it will not accept liability for being forced to do so as a consequence of its being obliged to do so.

Given the rule above (Valuables must not be brought to school) the school and the adults that work here cannot be responsible for valuables, including mobile phones, that are misplaced, lost or stolen in school, or during school related activities, under any circumstances. This includes when the item had been left in the care of an adult employed by the school and is subsequently lost or stolen.


Lipstick02Pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 must not wear make-up, nail varnish, nail art or nail extensions of any kind. 

Pupils in years 10 and 11 may wear discreet make-up but not nail varnish, nail art, nail extensions of any kind or dark lipstick.



Detention01Pupils must attend detentions given. Teachers have a legal power to put pupils aged under 18 in detention and all teachers in the school have the authority to issue detentions.

The times outside normal school hours when detention can be given (the 'permitted day of detention') include:

  • any school day where the pupil does not have permission to be absent
  • weekends - except the weekend preceding or following the half term break
  • non-teaching days – usually referred to as 'training days', 'INSET days' or 'non-contact days'.

Normally we consider that if a pupil is kept for a short time (up to 15 minutes) after school, we would not inform parents.  However, in the case of after school detentions, which are usually of 30 minutes duration, parents MAY be given notice in writing in the pupil homework planner.  All detentions must be completed and there can be no exceptions to this rule.  Pupils who are late to school will normally complete a detention at lunchtime on the day they are late.

Alcohol or Toxic Substances

UnderAgeDrinkingUnder no circumstances may any pupil bring alcohol, drugs or toxic substances on to the school premises. This rule also applies to events organised after school hours on the school premises and school educational visits. 

Pupils found in possession of, or under the influence of, illegal drugs or other substances will face exclusion from school.

Classrooms / Laboratories / Workshops

bunsengirlEach year group will be allocated a number of classrooms to use at lunchtime providing respect and care for these classrooms is shown. 

No pupil should enter the laboratories, workshops or other specialist teaching areas unless a teacher is present.



Lost Property

paddingtonbear2 This should be handed into
  • the staff in the Pupil Services area of the P block or
  • P.E. Department if it is P.E. kit. 

Any pupil losing property should report it to their form tutor and enquire in the Pupil Services area of the P block or the PE department as appropriate.


Travelling to and from School

busred.jpgJust as high standards are required inside school, so quiet and orderly behaviour is required on the way to and from school.  This applies when pupils use public transport; they must queue in an orderly manner and give way to elderly people or anyone requiring special consideration.  Those walking to school must make the same considerations. 

The same high standards of conduct are even more important on educational visits.  When large groups of pupils go on a school educational visit it is essential that conduct, both when travelling and at the venue, should be of the very highest standard. 

All pupils must therefore leave home wearing full school uniform correctly, remain in it throughout the day, and wear it correctly to return home.

Charging Policy

poundsign.jpgParents will be charged if their children go on a school educational visit that take place mainly outside school time.

Parents will be asked for a voluntary contribution towards school educational visits that take place mainly within school time. This will be subject to numbers contributing and may, on occasions, render the visit unviable.


Conduct in the Classroom and School Buildings

RefereeCardGreenPupils should always be polite, courteous and respectful to members of the school and others at all times - swearing in the classroom or around the school is totally unacceptable. 

The school does not accept any form of racial or physical abuse.

Quiet, orderly behaviour is essential, not only in the classroom, but also in the corridors and in the school precincts generally.  Pupils should keep to the left on stairs and in the corridors.  They must always walk and not run. 

We encourage a high standard of conduct, with pupils using common sense as to what is appropriate behaviour in the various areas of the school.  Damage (accidental or deliberate) to school property may be charged for at current prices.

Each classroom displays the Code of Conduct for pupils and the rules about conduct around the school building. These are as follows: 

  • Wait outside a classroom until told to enter by a teacher
  • Wait quietly behind your chair; do not sit down until a teacher asks you to do so
  • Make sure you have the correct equipment for all your lessons
  • All the books and equipment for the lesson must be placed on your desk
  • Bags must be placed on the floor out of the way
  • You must stand quietly when a member of staff or visitor enters the room
  • At the end of the lesson stand quietly behind your chair
  • Leave the room in an orderly fashion when told to by your teacher. 


  • be on time for lessons
  • have the correct equipment with you
  • settle to work quickly and calmly
  • write your homework in your homework planner
  • attempt your homework and hand it in on time
  • wear your school uniform correctly
  • be polite, helpful and considerate
  • treat all people with respect
  • place all litter in a bin
  • behave in a responsible manner
  • work hard and try your best


  • talk when a teacher is talking 
  • shout out
  • or drink in a lesson 
  • leave litter
  • be rude to anyone
  • use bad language 
  • chew gum 
  • be dishonest 
  • be violent or aggressive

At Breaktime

  • Behave in a sensible and responsible manner
  • Do not eat or drink in classrooms. 
  • No food or drinks may be removed from the canteen. 
  • You are not allowed to eat or drink in corridors or whilst walking around the school. 
  • The Memorial Garden may be used for eating and drinking food you may have brought in.

At Lunchtime

  • behave in a sensible and responsible manner
  • you may eat your packed lunch in the classrooms designated, the playground, the field or the bank in front of the all-weather playing surface, not whilst walking around the school
  • the area behind the all-weather playing surface is out of bounds.  Do not go there
  • no food or drinks may be removed from the canteen or youth centre, apart from bottles of water.
  • you are not allowed to eat or drink in corridors or whilst walking around the school.  

Around The School 

  • Be polite and considerate to others
  • Move in an orderly fashion around the school.
  • No running allowed except on the playground, field or all-weather playing surface.
  • No shouting in classrooms, corridors or around the school.
  • Do not remove food or drinks from the canteen.
  • Do not leave bags in inappropriate or dangerous places.
  • Do not drop litter; put it in the bins provided.
  • Do not touch or lean on displays or notice boards.
  • Full school uniform must be worn correctly at all times.
  • Moving time is to ensure you get to lessons on time.  Do not stop and chat with friends, it is NOT a breaktime.

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food containers.jpgAll pupils require an appropriate size container each time they cook in Food Technology so that they can take the food home to enjoy with their families.  Please ensure that you have your name and form clearly labelled on the container. 

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