It is part of the discipline structure of the school that all pupils in years 7 to 11 wear full school uniform correctly. Full school uniform must be worn correctly on the way to school, throughout the day and on the journey home. There are other pages on this website that deal with school uniform matters in more detail. Click on School Uniform to see the full information about correct uniform.

Every so often, as fashion changes, we need to draw to the attention of parents the uniform requirements. We are well aware that children will often tell parents "It's alright, it's allowed" or "Everyone wears them" when the parent / carer expresses doubts about an item's acceptability as school uniform the child wants to wear to school.  It is the parent's responsibility to ensure their child comes to school correctly dressed and equipped so we have written this page to help. 

boygirlsmallSome pupils challenge the school rules and it's authority by deliberately wearing the uniform incorrectly but this is unacceptable and not an excuse for others to do the same. The governors rules on school uniform are very clear and are explained in detail before and when pupils join the school. They are published in a number of places including the pupils school planner. They are not negotiable or optional. Parents and pupils chose to come to Highams Park in the clear and full knowledge of the uniform requirements, it is not acceptable to seek to challenge those rules by wearing the uniform incorrectly once a place has been gained.

All pupils will wear the uniform correctly or risk punishments. We expect parents to support the application of the school rules and make sure their children comply.

You can see examples of wrong uniform in the pictures below. Correct uniform is shown in the picture on the right. Incorrect items or those breaching the rules are likely to be confiscated and parents will be expected to collect the items from school themselves. Other punishments may also follow breaches of school rules. 

In order to help parents support the rules on uniform we will post these reminders as when they are needed.



It has come to our notice that a number of our pupils/students have been wearing footwear for school which are not in line with the school uniform rules. The footwear we are referring to in particular are Converse leather trainers and shoes like them, which are very similar to a trainer. This footwear includes Vans, Todds or any other trainer-like footwear. These are not allowed to be worn as school shoes for boys or girls. Just because it is made of leather does not make it an acceptable school shoe.




Please note that hooded tops (hoodies) are not part of the school uniform and are not allowed under any circumstances.  Some pupils are arriving at school wearing a hoodie with their blazer in their bag expecting to dress in school, some arrive with a hoodie over or under their blazer.  A few pupils are putting them on at the end of school before going home.  This is not allowed.



Some pupils, mostly girls, are breaking school rules on uniform by wearing a long sleeved T-shirt, either white, coloured or even striped, under their white school shirt. The excuse is they are cold, the real reason for wearing such an item is to push the boundaries of what are very clear uniform requirements. They tend to further push the boundaries by deliberately making sure the item can be seen extending beyond the length of the blazer sleeve, sometimes by making a hole in the T-shirt's sleeve so that it can be put over the thumb to ensure the T-shirt sleeve remains visible. Do not come to school wearing long sleeved T-shirts under the school shirt, they are not allowed. If pupils are cold then they should wear the regulation mid grey school jumper (see below).


The correct school jumper colour is shown here. It is Clerical Grey (Mid-Grey)


Could parents please ensure that their children use a suitable bag to school to carry their books, equipment and PE kit.

Some pupils, mainly girls, come to school with handbags more suitable for a night out than for school purposes. It is not possible to carry what is needed for school in such bags. For further information about about the rules regarding school bags please go to the section called "Materials to be provided by the pupil" on the School Rules page.



Please do not allow yourself to be persuaded to buy clothes which purport to be school uniform merely because of their colour. Fashion trends such as low-waisted skirts and low-waisted trousers are not suitable for school since it is impossible to keep the school shirt tucked in correctly. 

The appropriateness of the item is also very important when deciding what to buy e.g. is the length of the skirt suitable for school, does the skirt have revealing slits, are trousers/skirts too fitted/tight.

Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Ms C. Halkes - Vice Principal.


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hoodiesmall_edited-5.jpgCardigans, Hoodies and Light Grey jumpers are not part of the school uniform and are not allowed under any circumstances. The correct uniform is a clerical (mid grey) v-neck jumper not a light grey one. See the School Uniform and the Uniform Reminders pages in the Parents section

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