homeworkclubAll pupils at Highams Park are expected to do homework and the amount they are expected to do will increase as pupils progress through the school.  Many pupils, on admission to Highams Park, have already experienced research and project work at their primary schools.   Homework at Highams Park is a development of this.

Homework can be defined as any work or activities which pupils are asked to do outside lesson time, usually undertaken at home. It may well take a variety of forms across different subjects and during the course of the year within a subject.

After School Study Club is available to any pupil and takes place every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.15 to 4.15pm.  The After School Study Club, which is supervised, is held in the school library, is a place where homework can be completed in comfortable surroundings.   

At Highams Park School we believe the purpose of homework includes:

  • encouraging pupils to develop the skill, confidence and motivation needed to study effectively on their own.  This is vital given the importance for pupils in the future to be adaptable in a rapidly changing world.
  • consolidating and reinforcing skills and understanding learnt at school
  • extending learning, for example through additional reading
  • involving parents in the management of their childÂ’s learning and keeping them informed about the work s/he is doing
  • learning how to manage particular work demands.

ParentTeacherIf a child is to be successful in school and develop her or his talents to the full then an effective partnership between pupil, parents and school needs to be developed.  Teachers will play their part in that partnership by setting and assessing homework. Clearly the pupil must make every effort to complete the homework to the best of their ability.  Parents can provide the most important part of the partnership by supporting their child with the homework. 


Parents can help their child with homework by:

  • providing a reasonably peaceful, suitable place to do the homework away from distractions;
  • making it clear that they value homework and supporting the school in explaining how homework will help the child's progress;
  • encouraging the child and praising them when they complete homework to the best of their ability;
  • making it clear they expect the child to meet the deadline set and checking that they have completed the work on time.

Parents who support their child in these ways can make all the difference between the child that gets the most out of the education we provide and those that do not reach their full potential.

planner2013-14All pupils are given a school planner at the beginning of each academic year where work set should be recorded; pupils are encouraged to record their homework carefully and accurately and form tutors check planners.  Homework is set regularly in all subjects.

Most subjects allow more than one evening to complete the work and in all subjects there is the opportunity for pupils to sort out any problem or lack of understanding with the teacher if necessary. A number of departments voluntarily operate departmental homework clubs or clinics.  Opportunities are also available to begin homework at lunchtimes with the Head of Year.

Failure to complete homework is viewed as a serious matter and pupils will be expected to complete the work.  Detentions are given for not doing the work and for failing to hand it in on time.  Parents are contacted if a child consistently fails to complete satisfactory homework.

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