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Initial topics cover fundamental areas of Physics, such as motion, waves and electricity. Later topics include cutting edge Physics such as Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology. These build on what has come before to give students a broad knowledge base, and allows progression to further study and the workplace, whether that involves Physics, Engineering, Maths or other related subjects.

PhysicsProspectus 01Paper 1: Working as a Physicist, Mechanics, Electric Circuits, Further Mechanics, Electric and Magnetic Fields, Nuclear and Particle Physics.

Paper 2: Working as a Physicist, Materials, Waves and the Particle Nature of Light, Thermodynamics, Space, Nuclear Radiation, Gravitational Fields, Oscillations.

(Note: the topics in bold are assessed in the standalone AS exams in Year 12)



Paper 3: General and Practical Principles in Physics – All topics across the full A level specification. Half of the paper will also focus on testing students’ knowledge and understanding of practical skills and techniques.

Core practicals, The above exam papers will feature questions allowing students to demonstrate investigative skills in the context of 16 core practicals carried out through the two years. Students’ skills and technical competency when completing practical work will be assessed by teachers. Note: we have always and will continue to carry out way more practicals than these 16 practicals requied by the exam board.

Entrance requirements and skills needed.

A genuine interest in physics, coupled with good problem solving skills and a sound mathematical background. See Entry requirements page.

Physics A level 01

Assessments - Edexcel Qualification

The AS level exam consists of two 50% weighted, 1 hour 30 minute papers, each of which has two sections. The papers include questions involving data analysis, or set within an experimental context.

The A Level exam consists of Paper 1 and Paper 2 (1 hour 45 minutes), each of 30% weighting and Paper 3 (2 hours 30 minutes) which counts for 40% of the overall mark.

Questions assessing students’ use of mathematical skills will make up 40% of the exam papers.

The Practical Endorsement at A level is based on the 16 core practicals. This is separate to the A level grade and, if awarded, will be reported as a ‘Pass’ on A level certificates for students who achieve it.


Why study Physics?

Do you enjoy the challenge of trying to explain how the world around us works? Are you always asking your science teacher questions which don’t necessarily have much to do with the lesson? If so, then physics may be the subject for you. As well as satisfying this intellectual curiosity, A level physics will also provide you with problem solving skills that are highly valued whatever your future ambitions, whether in further education or in the workplace. It is this ability to analyse problems and use their knowledge that makes physicists highly sought after in many areas of business and finance as well as more traditional science occupations.


ORBYTS – Original Research by Young Twinkle Students. ORBYTS links young PhD and post-doc scientists from UCL with groups of students to work on original research associated with the Twinkle mission.

Isaac Physics – we make extensive use of this University of Cambridge problem solving online resource.

British Physics Olympiad - able students are encouraged to sit extension national exams and complete experimental projects.

“I reckon that physicists can do pretty much anything. Our training can be applied to almost any activity, and it allows us to see things in ways that might not be obvious to others”

Simon Singh, Science Writer and Broadcaster.


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