20190704 016At Highams Park we understand that each student is different – some will want to go to university and others will want to go to do an apprenticeship. We support every student to get to the place they want to through different means of support and guidance. Students are provided with a 6th Form Bulletin weekly which gives details of a number of ‘super-curricular opportunities’ such as Year 12 University schemes, taster days and mini courses to help them get into the best university possible. In addition, our 6th Form Bulletin gives details of the different types of apprenticeships that are already open for applications and careers fairs that are happening around London. This is sent to tutors however this is also available for students on Firefly so they can access the various hyperlinks and is sent to parents and guardians. Additionally, at the end of Year 12 there are a number of days off timetable to help students make those all-important choices in regards of what they do at the end of Year 13 with a specific focus on university choices and help with UCAS. This support continues into Year 13 with sessions to explain Student Finance and help with exam success.

To ensure every student is as successful as possible we have a regular tracking scheme. Each student is given a minimum grade target based on their GCSE scores and every term teachers will report on how each student is achieving at the stage of that course. This means that trends can be observed quickly and underachievement can then be acted upon through support. These reports are sent home to parents in addition to the pastoral team.

Each student is assigned to a Form Tutor when they enter the 6th Form who is one of your first ports of call for important information and any issues. Form Tutors, who students see every morning, are responsible for creating a positive environment for each student but they will also get to know each student and their performance in each subject very well which is imperative for those UCAS references. The 6th Form pastoral team is available to all students for support and encouragement but also, if necessary to contact parents and find solutions to problems.

Highams Park Key Pastoral Staff

Mrs D Stephens

Head of 6th Form

Mrs J Whitehead

Deputy Head of 6th Form - Head of Year 12

Mrs C Alexander - Stafford

Deputy Head of 6th Form - Head of Year 13

Ms J Browne

6th Form Secretary

Mrs N Kapur

6th Form Study Centre Supervisor



  • Commitment and dedication to your studies, utilising the Study Centre to ensure you keep on top of your work
  • Working hard in lessons, meeting homework deadlines, re-reading class notes throughout the academic year
  • Arriving at 08:30 every day in order to attend registration
  • An attendance record of 96 – 100%
  • Act as a role model for the students in Yrs7-11, demonstrating a courteous manner towards both staff and students
  • To dress in a professional manner, adhering to the 6th Form Dress Code



•  Formal suit or jacket and formal trousers – all dark-coloured

•  Formal collared shirt and tie

•  Dark socks

•  Formal dark-coloured shoes (not boots)

•  A plan dark jumper or cardigan may be worn; however, we do not allow students to wear roll neck jumpers

•  A formal shirt or blouse with a collar

•  A smart business dress with a blazer

•  Skirts must be of a reasonable length and a reminder that you can wear trousers but not leggings.

•  Plain, un-patterned, dark tights may be worn

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